Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nutritional Value of Edible Swallow / Swiftlet Bird’s Nest

The main nutritional contents of bird’s nest are water-soluble proteins and carbohydrates, coupled with other nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium and vitamin B1. Bird’s nest contains Epidermic Growth Factor (EGF) which can stimulate cell growth, and regenerate and strengthen the immune system. In addition, bird’s nest is rich in collagen and minerals which is beneficial for making the skin smooth and promote anti-aging. It is regarded as the best beauty product. Many celebrities consume bird’s nest on a regular basis to maintain beauty and youthfulness.

Bird’s nest also known to contains amino acids which can promote the growth of human tissue and cell reproduction. It has a very good effect on the rehabilitation of damaged skin tissue or for those receiving chemotherapy.

Shipping & Handling
We mainly ship our products from Sydney, Australia – NSW using an express post service to ensure the hassle free transaction and would normally take of 1-3 working days but usually less. Shipping is FREE Australia Wide as part of our world class customer service commitment. All items will be carefully packed and handled to prevent damages and will be posted via Australian Post using Express Post service. For International buyer, please contact us here to arrange the purchase.

Refund & Return Policy
We suggest that you choose the item carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions before purchasing the items. However, if you are dissatisfied with the product that you have ordered, we can organise a refund or exchange the items for you only within 7 days after the product is received since this is a consumable product. Please note that the shipping and handling fees for the return or exchange are customer’s responsibility. Only products purchased via premiumnest.com.au are eligible for Refund / Return.

The process to initiate a refund or exchange of product is as follows:

  • Please e-mail us at [email protected] include all relevant details (e.g: product id, product name, receipt number or transaction id). Would be appreciated if you could supply the reason of the exchange or refund for our improvements.
  • We endeavor to reply to your email within 24-48 hours with the return address.
  • Send the product back to us with the original packaging (item must be unopened).
  • Once we receive and verify product, we will organise the refund as soon as possible.

Purchasing & Payment

It’s simple, under “Shop” section, just click the products you want to order and add the item into a shopping cart. You can then go back and add other items or just click on the Proceed to Checkout button to proceed to the next screen. You will then be prompted to enter to collect the billing, shipping and credit card information. You will also be given a “Receipt Number” or “Transaction ID” (ex: Receipt No: 1195-6925-0851-3873 or Transaction ID: 5N109710NW5793241) which is used as a reference. We are currently using Paypal as our payment gateway for your peace of mind.


Unless otherwise specified, our price is fixed. However, we do provide a wholesale price for those who wish to distribute our products, please contact us at [email protected] or contact +61 412 492 238.

Is swallow / swiftlet nest safe for human consumptions?

Edible Swallow / Swiftlet nests are harvested for human consumption and have been a delicacy for over 1000 years (see wikipedia for more info). We guarantee that all of our products contain no preservatives, no chemical and no coloring. In order to ensure the best quality we comply with HACCP which is an internationally recognized certificate for hygiene and food safety. We also comply with ISO 9001 International Standard.

What is ISO 9001 and HACCP?

1298854684_image_ISO_HACCP (1)
ISO 9001 is an international standard that is used to ensure that their quality assurance system is in place and effective. Conformance to ISO 9001 is said to guarantee that a company delivers quality products and services. To follow ISO 9001, a company’s management team decides quality assurance policies and objectives. Next, the company or an external consultant formally writes down the company’s policies and requirements and how the staff can implement the quality assurance system. Once this guideline is in place and the quality assurance procedures entered, an outside assessor examines the company’s quality assurance system to make sure it complies with ISO 9001. A detailed report describes the parts of the standard the company missed, and the company agrees to correct any problems within a specific time. Once the problems are corrected, the company is certified as in conformance with the standard.


The HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) system, which is science based and systematic, identifies specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure the safety of food. HACCP is a tool to assess hazards and establish control systems that focus on prevention rather than relying mainly on end-product testing. Any HACCP system is capable of accommodating change, such as advances in equipment design, processing procedures or technological developments.

Is your bird nest legal in Australia?

Yes, our bird’s nest are completely legal. We have an import permit (permit #15012808) from Australian Department of Agriculture, so you can be assured about the authenticity and the quality of our products.