7 Things to Know About Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest

Created by swiftlets from their solidified saliva, which are harvested for human consumption. It may sounds super gross. But before you completely write-off having edible swiftlet bird’s nest soup for the rest of your life, you should know that these saliva-nests are rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and plenty of other stuff that’s good for us. Plus, after cooking, it has a really strong egg white aroma that makes it smell pretty tasty.

Edible Bird’s Nest (or Bird’s Nest) is one of the most popular ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). SSSmix1_900x600Here are some interesting facts about edible Bird’s Nest:

1. Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest is best consumed on an empty stomach.
It is recommended to consume bird nest soup on an empty stomach for better health benefits. But many people consumed it as a dessert or snack in the form of sweet soup as well.

2. The colour of red Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest does not come from the swiftlet’s blood.
Contrary to popular belief blood-red nests do not result from the regurgitation of blood from the swiftlet, the colour of red Bird’s Nest is caused by either oxidation, minerals absorbed from the environment or the diet of the swiftlet.

3. Men may use Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest to promote overall immunity.
Bird’s Nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and a neutral energetic property, which help boost a weak immune system. The benefits of glycoproteins are numerous. They act as blocking agents that prevent carcinogens both from attacking cells and from making changes to cells that have already been exposed to carcinogens. Many people make sure to include glycoproteins in their diet as a way to boost their immune systems and prevent or delay the spread of cancer. (source: Livestrong.com)

4. Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest is traditionally used as a beauty food.
Studies have shown that Bird’s Nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF) which plays an important role in maintaining youthful, healthy skin structure and function.

5. Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest is believed to speed up recovery.
When Bird’s Nest is consumed in moderation, its unique pre-digested form of proteins and nutrients is said to aid recovery from chronic illnesses. Bird’s Nest may also help relieve respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic coughs.

6. Seniors may use Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest to maintain and enhance their health.
Bird’s Nest is traditionally used to clear Phlegm, ease chronic dry coughs and relieve fatigue – common complaints as we get older. Bird’s Nest can also be used to stimulate the appetite, improve digestion and stimulate bowel movement.

7. Edible Swiftlet Bird’s Nest is a good supplement for growing children.
From a biological standpoint, Bird’s Nest contains proteins, amino acids and minerals that are essential for healthy development. Regular consumption of Bird’s Nest helps prevent colds and flus. By improving the function of the Lungs and Kidneys, Bird’s Nest helps boost the body’s immune system and increase resistance to external environmental factors.

Have you personally felt the positive effect of the Swiftlet Bird’s Nest? please share your story below.


  1. How many gr per nest should be for a good quality nest

    • Hi Tina, thank you for stopping by and Happy New Year!. Due to the nature of the product, each nest from every country and locations are different. However most of our standard bowl shaped nests weight about 7-11 grams. Feel free to contact us to chat further.

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